“Writing is exploration; you start from nothing and learn as you go.” — E.L. Doctorow

During the second grade, Adrian Brune took her first step towards a life in journalism by tying a string around her Kodak Instant camera, sticking a notebook in her back pocket and cruising the streets in the backseat of her mother’s 1982 Buick Skylark, looking for the latest sensation to hit the bedroom community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, Brune has never looked back…

Since 2001, Brune has reported and written hundreds of freelance newspaper, magazine and website articles – from pitch to print – for other publications on a variety of topics, including world affairs, social justice, international development, human rights and culture for the New Yorker, The Guardian, the  New York Times, the Huffington Post, Atlas Obscura and This Land Press (Tulsa, Oklahoma). She has authored magazine cover stories for the Chicago Tribune Magazine, the Boston Globe Magazine, The Nation and American Lawyer magazine. Brune began her professional journalism career as a staffer for the Washington Blade – a highly respected LGBT newspaper in Washington, D.C. – followed by a stint at as the education reporter for Annapolis Capital in Annapolis, Maryland. In both positions, Brune broke national stories to the New York Times, and the Washington Post. After a move back to the New York area, she was a contract correspondent for the Hartford Courant, writing feature stories about art and culture for its Life section, while working as an Associate Researcher for Men’s Journal magazine in Manhattan. She currently writes regular features for The Guardian and is at work on a book about an adventure in Qatar.

Brune holds a BS in Journalism from Northwestern University and a MS in Journalism from Columbia University.


I have authored stories – from pitch to print – for international publications on international development, human rights and global culture. Some highlights of my career include regular stories for the New Yorker, The Guardian (UK), the New York Times, Hartford Courant, the Huffington Post and magazine cover stories for The Nation, the Chicago Tribune Magazine the Boston Globe Magazine and American Lawyer. 

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Besides working as a freelance journalist, I have worked as an Associate Editor for the United Nations Yearbook, for which I wrote the chapter on the Middle East, and a contract press officer for the UN Department of Public Information, where I covered high-level diplomatic meetings for the UN Secretariat website. I have also held contract communications positions for Save the Children, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, the Doha-based Qatar Foundation, the International Legal Foundation and Action Contre La Faim (US). 

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