UNICEF releases annual Compendium of Resource Partner Contributions

UNICEF releases annual Compendium of Resource Partner Contributions

New York, 23 May 2017 – In collaboration with other divisions, the Public Partnerships Division (PPD) released the annual 2016 Compendium of Resource Partner Contributions (Compendium) announcing a total revenue for UNICEF of $4,884 million.

In 2016, public and private sector Resource Partners contributed $1,312 million to un-earmarked Regular Resources (RR) – the organization’s most flexible funding. Public sector RR increased three per cent to $562 million, while private sector RR increased 19 per cent to $629 million. The number of Governments contributing RR to UNICEF also increased to from 113 in 2015 to 119 in 2016, reflecting UNICEF’s efforts to expand its partner base.

Complementary to RR and allowing UNICEF to scale up and reach more children in need, earmarked Other Resources (OR) amounted to $3,571 million. Of this, $1,933 million or 54 per cent came in the form of Other Resources - Regular (ORR) and $1,639 million or 46 per cent in the form of Other Resources - Emergency (ORE).

This Compendium illustrates that the enhanced resources come through extensive policy and programme engagement with our partners,” said Olav Kjorven, the Director of the Public Partnerships Division. “With continued efforts in placing the highest priority on results-based management, transparency, accountability, and the recognition of joint results achieved with partners, UNICEF will remain on track to deliver programs for children, as laid out in the Strategic Plan 2018-2021, toward Agenda 2030.”

The graphs on the right side and below depict a sample of data found in the 2016 Compendium: The Compendium is produced annually by PPD in close collaboration with DFAM and PFP. PPD invites comments and questions. Email Adrian Brune, adbrune@unicef.org.