The Warrior Race Overview and Starting Line

On 3 June, South Brooklyn Running Club is hosting the second Warriors Relay Race from the Highland Park Orange BBQ Area to the Coney Island Brewery. The Warrior Relay is an alley cat road race inspired by Walter Hill’s 1979 film, The Warriors. You’ll trace the route that the Warriors took as they escaped the Bronx after being framed for killing Cyrus.

Organizer with any questions: Email Ben:

1. Start Line- Highland Park Orange BBQ Area: All of your runners should be at Start Line- Highland Park Orange BBQ Area except for Runner #2, who will be allowed to skip check-in to make sure they are in place when Runner #1 finishes their leg.

Each runner MUST have:

  • A fully charged smartphone for posting photos and navigation

  • A Metro Card for going to and from checkpoints, and to access some of the checkpoints

  • An Instagram account to post your handoff

2. Handoff:  

Each checkpoint in the race is based on a location where the movie The Warriors was filmed and/or was supposed to take place. The following steps will need to be followed at each checkpoint:

1. Check in with the volunteer(s) stationed at the checkpoint

2. Switch the Suunto watch from runner to runner

3. Take a photograph that shows both team members (finishing and starting) along with identifying items contained in the screenshot on your course information card ( provided at check in)

4. Post your checkpoint photo on Instagram. Tag @SouthBrooklynRC and use the hashtags #SBRC, #WarriorsRelay #Warriorscomeouttorelay and your unique team hashtag (#lezziesarethevest)

3. Getting to Your Leg:  Take the bus, subway, or get some extra miles in. No cars are allowed. Once you’ve run your leg of the race, hop on the train and go to the checkpoint before the Coney Island Brewery.

4. Winners: The first team to have their entire team make it to Coney Island Brewery and have all of their photos posted wins.

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