White's Rivals Trailer

“White’s Rivals: A Man, His Race and His Fight to Build the NAACP” is a documentary that tells the story the Post-Reconstruction Civil Rights movement – and ultimately the state of race relations today – through the eyes of NAACP race riot investigator and secretary general, Walter White, a black man with skin so light he could “pass” as white. Beginning with a scene from one of White’s investigations, the proposed film would trace the remarkable leader’s journey documenting the atrocities taking place during the period from 1893 to White's death in 1955. It would also detail White’s ascendancy through the ranks of the NAACP, his open dispute and power-sharing struggle with W.E.B. Du Bois and the legacy of his work. Through it all, a portrait of White as a man, as well as a key figure in the civil rights era will emerge, with a conclusion that speculates on White’s importance to the national Civil Rights movement, as well as his influence in the reparations movement of today.